Violet House

Violet House is a small, woman run company, based in Manchester, Britain's original textile powerhouse. We provide boho clothing and 70s style clothing, T-shirts and prints.
I am Natalie, the founder of Violet House. When I was a child my grandmother taught my mother how to sew, they would attend sewing classes and clubs together, sharing patterns and tips with each-other. I benefited greatly from this as they used their skills to make unique clothing and amazing costumes for me. As I grew older they taught me how to sew and I also studied Textiles. I loved planning, designing and then bringing those ideas to life! 

Violet House was founded when I began making clothing for my daughter, Lucy, and myself. I have always loved the music and fashion from the 1960s - 1970s and I would often fall in love with vintage pieces, not available in my size, so I decided to make my own. I wore them everywhere and soon started to receive requests for custom orders from friends. 

7 years later Violet House ships handmade pieces to beautiful ladies all over the globe. Everything is still carefully designed and lovingly handmade here in Manchester. Our fabric is sourced from small, local family businesses. We separate ourselves from "fast fashion'' and believe that people working in the fashion industry should be paid a fair wage.

Our line of tees and prints are hand designed by artists and printed in Lancashire by a small t-shirt printing company. The inks used are eco friendly, all tees are packaged in 100% plastic free packaging and all of their staff are paid above the national living wage.



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